Noel A. d'Albertis, LSW, MSW, MBA - Executive Director

Courtney Griffin, LCSW, MBA, MA - Director of Child and Family Therapy

Sally Gerdes - Director of Transitional Services 

Amy Slaughter, MSW - Director of Out of Home Placements

Janet Borowski, CAC II - Director of Pre-Trial Services (PATHS)

Marty Mashe, MBA - Director of Administrative Services

Administrative Services:

Amy Slaughter, MSW

Deyne Brunke

Child and Family Therapy:

Maddie Huzenis, MSW

Savannah Rackley, MFT

Haley Lafferty, MSW

Multisystemic Therapy (MST):

Kelsey Kirsch, MSW

Myers Rhoad, MSW

Lyndsay Shaver, MSW

Cassie Grossman, MA

Foster Care:

Haley Lafferty, MSW

Annamarie Dalton

Transitional Services:

Sally Gerdes

Pre-Trial Services (PATHS):

Isaac Starke, CAC III

Chris Sterling

Alondra Bonilla

Ashley Line-Bell

Charlene Castaneda, CAC II

Hazel Shields, CAC III

Alex Lannon

Penny Reed


Serving children, youth, and families since 1982.

Serving children, youth, and families since 1982.