Denver Area Youth Services 


Home-Based Therapy

DAYS provides individual, couples, and family therapy to families referred by local county Human Services Departments. Services are provided by master's level clinicians with the goal of keeping families together whenever possible, ensuring child safety and well-being, and helping families gain stability. For more information about home-based therapy, contact Courtney Griffin at or 303-698-2300.


DAYS provides Multisystemic Therapy (MST) to families referred by local Human Services Departments and Division of Youth Services. MST is an evidence-based, research proven efficacious model for youth ages 12-17. Therapists work in the home, school, and community and are on call 24/7 to provide caregivers with the tools they need to transform the lives of troubled youth. Research demonstrates that MST reduces criminal activity and other undesirable behavior. At the close of treatment, 87% of youth have no arrests. For more detailed information click HERE.


Foster Care

DAYS offers foster care for children and youth in need of out of home placement. DAYS specializes in foster care for adolescent youth transitioning back into the community from juvenile detention facilities, also known as proctor care. DAYS also specializes in placements for pregnant and parenting adolescent mothers and homeless adolescent females - the Kearney Street Program. For more information about foster care, contact Sally Gerdes at or 303-698-2300. Want to learn more about becoming a foster parent, click HERE.



Pre-trial and Transitional Services

DAYS offers services for youth involved with the juvenile justice system, or the Division of Youth Corrections. This includes: Pre-trial services (PATHS) that support youth who have pending criminal charges. This program seeks to prevent youth from incurring additional criminal charges and helps youth engage in pro-social activities and behaviors. For more information regarding pre-trial services, contact Janet Borowski at or 303-698-2300.

Transitional services seeks to help youth integrate back into the community after release from a secure detention facility. The goal of this service is to help youth reunify with family, gain independent living skills and engage in pro-social endeavors including enrollment in school and securing employment. For more information regarding transitional services, contact Sally Gerdes at or 303-698-2300.

Serving children, youth, families since 1982.

Serving children, youth, families since 1982.